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Engine oil for winter maintenance of forklift engines

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Engine oil for winter maintenance of forklift engines

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As the temperature of some regions is gradually breaking below 0 degrees Celsius, the diesel engine of the electric forklift brand has also come to the time of the need to add the winter oil. What measures and key points need to be taken in winter diesel engines when they use oil?

Methods & steps

Selecting oil viscosity according to working environment temperature

Diesel engine oil is classified according to two different classification methods based on different viscosity grades (low temperature viscosity grade and high temperature viscosity grade) and oil quality grade. The grade of viscosity is the rating standard of the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The oil quality grade is based on the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating standard. Generally speaking, viscosity is used to distinguish the domestic market.

The viscosity level is generally marked by the range of working temperature that the oil can accommodate. For example: SAE40, SAE50, the label of oil, indicating that the oil is summer, the temperature is 40 C, only in the summer, not in winter, and SAE15W-40, SAE5W-40, this label of oil, expressed as general oil, from minus 30 to 40 C under the ambient temperature can be used normally.

The "W" in the oil mark indicates winter (winter). The more the front number is, the better the low temperature fluidity of the oil is, the lower the ambient temperature can be used, the better the engine is protected at the cold start. The number behind "W" is the index of the high temperature resistance of the oil, the greater the value of the oil explains the oil. The better the protection performance at high temperature.

Choosing the right oil viscosity has a direct impact on the performance of the engine.

(1) Although the oil with high viscosity has strong adhesion, the oil with high viscosity will increase the internal load of the engine and cause a large internal power loss.

(2) the oil with small viscosity can reduce the wear and friction of the moving parts and improve the self cleaning ability of the engine, but because of the low viscosity of the engine oil, even if the oil reaches the working temperature, the oil pressure is low and even can not reach the working pressure due to the excessive oil, which will make the lubrication insufficient and aggravate the wear of the engine. It is very likely that the engine is pulling the cylinder and holding the tile, causing damage.

Here's an example of how to choose the right winter oil.

For the cold areas such as Beijing, the use of common 15W-40 general oil can be used (the ambient temperature is 15 degrees to 40 degrees below zero); for the northeast and other Alpine areas, it is necessary to consider the replacement of a higher number of oil, such as the 10W-30 mark of the oil (ambient temperature from 10 to 30 degrees below zero) in the winter of the northeast and other Alpine areas of China. Use) or higher labeling of oil; for the warmer areas in the south, it is possible to consider the need to change the number of different oils according to the actual situation in the area.

Selection of oil quality according to engine grade

At the present stage, four stroke turbocharged direct injection engines are used in China's construction machinery manufacturers to assemble their own equipment, and the emission standards have reached only second stages (Tier-2). The engine of this type of engine can be used normally if CF-4 grade oil is selected.

For the diesel engine oil used by the construction machinery, such as the CF-4 grade oil, the C of which is the diesel engine oil; F represents the quality grade, each increasing one letter, the oil performance will be better than the previous one, the more the letter, the higher the quality grade; the "- 4" table shows the oil performance upgrading grade, in the same way. The higher the number of oils in the grade, the better the quality.

For the imported model, the engine oil selection should be selected according to the engine oil supply mode: the direct injection turbocharging engine is CF-4 grade oil, and the electric injection engine requires CH-4 grade or higher grade oil to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

At the same time, most domestic construction machinery manufacturers do not use exhaust gas recirculation system, that is, EGR. Therefore, the selection of CF-4 or CH-4 grade diesel engine oil can meet the current domestic market demand for engine oil for construction machinery.

Special reminder: if the equipment purchased by the user is not directly sold in the Chinese market, it is necessary to accurately determine the emission standards of the engine to select the required oil.

The third stage emission standard diesel engine has been widely used by the construction machinery manufacturing enterprises in the world and other areas. So users choose the appropriate quality grade of oil to avoid the damage to the engine when choosing the engine oil needed to purchase the engine oil. Attention to oil injection

It's easy for anyone to fill up the oil, but there are a few things to pay attention to when filling the oil.

1. It is strictly forbidden to use the oil with different marks.

In winter, if the equipment needs to be replaced with different labels of oil, the engine oil must be completely discharged, and then add a new label of oil.

2. It is strictly forbidden to mix the oil of different brands.

Different brands of oil will use different additives, mixed use may produce chemical reactions, reduce the performance of oil, and affect the normal work of the engine.

3. Heat engine oil.

Before the replacement of the old oil, it is necessary to start the engine first and run the idle speed for a certain time, so that the engine oil temperature is close to the working temperature and then the old oil is replaced.

Many friends may not understand the engine oil, in fact, because of the strong liquidity of the engine oil, it can effectively clean up the impurities attached to the surface of the body. The oil released by this method will effectively reduce the amount of impurity particles remaining in the engine, reduce engine wear and tear, and ensure the efficient operation of the engine. In addition, hot oil is easier to discharge completely and reduce residual oil.

4, oil addition do not "add a little more".

Generally speaking, the addition of oil to the center line of the oil gauge is a little bit higher (about 3cm). Excessive oil will increase the resistance of the crankshaft. And because of the advent of winter, low temperature will increase the viscosity of the engine oil, and excessive crankshaft rotation resistance will make the engine power down, causing the equipment to operate powerless.

In addition, excessive oil addition will also increase the possibility of oil channeling, which will easily cause the increase of oil consumption (commonly known as blue smoke), increase the carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber, increase the probability of deflagration, affect the normal engine work and cause unnecessary wear and tear of the engine. Therefore, the addition of oil must be added to the prescribed position, that is, the middle of the dipstick scale is enough.

In addition, before adding oil, it is necessary to clean the filling port and the oil drum to prevent impurities from entering the engine block. After filling the oil, we need to wipe out the spillover oil and keep the engine working well. All of these are the details that we need to pay attention to when we carry out routine maintenance of the engine.

Above, we briefly introduce the engine oil part of the engine winter maintenance. In the cold winter, if it is able to maintain and maintain the machine well, whether it is in the winter construction operation, or in the long period of Winter Rest, we will have a good heart and heart for winter.

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