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Development and trend of China forklift accessories market

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Development and trend of China forklift accessories market

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With the rapid development of the forklift, the forklift accessories market is expanding, which means that in the future, the forklift accessories have unlimited potential, and the challenges and opportunities coexist. Successful people must follow the trend of the market and keep up with the times. What is the future trend of forklift truck accessories market?


First, the rapid development of forklift industry

From the market development of forklift, from 2001, it was the period of high speed development of the forklift industry in China. In 2012, the average annual sales of Chinese forklift trucks grew at a high speed of almost 20% in 2012. By the end of 2015, the volume of the forklift truck market had exceeded 2 million, and the forklift truck was insured in the next five years. With the growth of more than 200 thousand units per year, in this process of growth, the parts of the electric forklift brand production enterprises are not common. In order to meet the needs of the capacity expansion of the whole enterprise, the forklift parts have expanded the quantity of parts and components.

Two, analysis of the business mode of forklift accessories dealer

Forklift truck accessories can be divided into manufacturers and distributors, in order to facilitate our analysis of their position in the accessories industry, we are roughly divided into the following five types of employment models.

(1) excellent national enterprises in China

The rapid growth of forklift industry has led to the vigorous development of a large number of accessories enterprises in this process. After decades of expansion, the spare parts enterprises have made a lot of profit and circulate investment, and have developed into a mature industry with a certain scale. However, the characteristics of the accessories industry in China are basically the surplus of the low end supporting industries, and there are still technical bottlenecks in the key supporting fields, and some excellent national enterprises have been actively used for reference. After a period of efforts, the domestic enterprises have achieved initial results in strategic restructuring, quickened the pace of technological innovation, and enhanced the awareness of brand competition. Some of them continue to develop their own supporting products and sell them to the supporting companies, actively adjust the product structure, develop new products and new processes, stabilize the old market, expand the new market, and move from the low end maintenance market to the high-end host market, and some in a field, do the technical reform route and concentrate on the technical reform route. Quantity has become a leader, while establishing various barriers, gradually forming a lasting competitive advantage, leading the domestic forklift industry, and even enjoys a high reputation in the international community.

(two) foreign capital and joint venture international spare parts enterprises

One of the main motives of China's introduction of foreign investment is to exchange advanced technology. As the large multinational companies have come to China to invest in the whole plant and the competition in the domestic market, the forklift accessories giant has also raised the high tide of investment in our research and development, especially some key key components, such as high end hydraulic parts, hydrostatic transmission and some high performance, high precision, lightweight, high efficiency and high quality. Quality, digital and intelligent products, foreign investment enterprises mostly rely on the strong parent company, with the global strategy of the parent company, sensitive to the change of demand, good at catching market opportunities, and in enterprise scale and financial situation, technical level and research and development ability, enterprise comprehensive profitability, enterprise brand competition and so on. With these advantages, foreign-funded enterprises have enlarged their market share and strengthened their industrial control. The establishment of the research and development center of these foreign investment companies and its technological development will undoubtedly help to improve the overall level of technology in the parts industry of our country, and have also widened the gap between domestic and foreign enterprises in technological innovation and R & D capability.

The participation of foreign invested enterprises in China's forklift accessories market is of certain positive significance for Chinese enterprises to improve their competitive consciousness, to market the behavior of enterprises and to adjust the scale of enterprise organization. Foreign enterprises all attach importance to the brand effect, not only in the joint venture to arrange the production and publicity of their own brand products, but also to try to make the brand local. In the joint venture, the foreign parties usually adopt a rolling technology to maintain a certain technical advantage, and the foreign party is not willing to transfer the most advanced technology. A joint venture that can not be controlled. Therefore, the role of foreign enterprises in improving the technology of China's forklift parts industry is limited.

(three) the maintainer manages the accessories

With the increase of the production and sales of the forklift, the parts of the domestic forklift trucks are not mature enough, and the accessories company derived from the original forklift maintenance and management department has appeared. The R & D of the products and the management level of the enterprises are still relatively backward, and the scale is basically not available. The rapid development of the industry has led to the rapid development of such enterprises. The development of some companies in the development of the smooth transition, in the management and technology for the development of the industry has played a certain role in promoting the development of some companies are very limited, in the future they may restrict the development of the industry.

(four) big wholesalers

We divide these large wholesalers into domestic forklift accessories manufacturers and import forklift accessories manufacturers.

Domestic forklift truck accessories suppliers fulfill their functions by performing marketing functions and providing services to forklift truck parts manufacturers and regional service providers (retailers). They specialize in the distribution of forklift truck parts, combining the supply of parts manufacturers with the demand of regional service providers (retailers). As the marketing center of the accessories manufacturer and the regional service provider (retailer) purchasing center, it has become the center of communication information, enlarges the comparability of products in quality and price, improves the transparency of the market, and reduces the blind sales and mining of accessories producers and regional service providers (retailers). The huge cost of buying time. At the same time, through warehousing, transportation and other services, the supply and demand of different time and different regions can be balanced.

At the same time, the imported fork lift truck accessories wholesaler has introduced the high quality forklift accessories and new service concepts from abroad, which has promoted the improvement of the domestic forklift accessories and service levels.

However, the infrastructure construction of large wholesalers is lagging behind. In wholesale trading, most wholesale trade still follows the traditional high cost trading mode, the feedback of the supply and demand information is lagging behind, the market forecast utilization is low, which causes the forklift accessories not to keep up with the whole machine manufacturer in time. The most important thing is that the big wholesalers operate the products relative to them. Relatively single, lack of unified planning and layout of industrial chain.

(five) regional business

In general, a variety of forklift accessories, including the forklift systems, have its own unique advantages, so that the customers can easily choose the parts in the area, the general operation of the products is much more, at the same time, the close proximity to the customer, can stand in the position of the customer more objectively and positively look at the product, to reach the supply and demand of the region. Balance, for a large number of machine manufacturers and users, but the regional business is basically no product pricing power, because they are two or three level suppliers, not the first level manufacturers, which determines their limited pricing power.

The above five modes of employment serve the forklift parts industry together. They have their own advantages and promote the progress of the industry in a certain period. The future development direction of the accessories enterprises can be referred to the continuous improvement of the European accessories enterprises in the research and development quality control system, the procurement system, the material management system and the sales system.

Three, the status of the accessories industry

(1) the number of parts enterprises and small scale

With the increase of the production and sales of the forklift truck, the domestic forklift accessories enterprises have nearly two million in quantity, and the total of the top two of the forklift machine has accounted for about 48% of the market share, and the total of the top five of the forklift parts accounts for less than 10% of the market share.

(two) there are many kinds of accessories, but they are low in standardization, serialization and generalization.

There are some historical reasons for the standardization, serialization and low generalization of the accessories products. The forklift industry has a history of decades. The establishment of the standardization is also in the last few years. In the last few years, the forklift industry has been expanded. There are more than 100 forklift machines, more than 60 major production enterprises, and all the manufacturers in order to protect themselves. Intellectual property rights and patents have led to very low standardization, serialization and generalization of accessories.

(three) the lack of professional accessories employees

Not only the forklift industry, almost all industrial industries, the real professional accessories employees are not much, and the specialty of the forklift accessories is very strong, so the professional forklift accessory practitioners who can understand the brands are almost rare.

(four) the quality of the accessory products is poor and the price is expensive

The accessories of the three non enterprises are full of the market, and the lack of effective information channels can not distinguish between the original parts and the original pieces, those are auxiliary factory parts, counterfeit pieces and fake and inferior parts.

Because the market is not transparent, the spare parts factory on the basis of the factory price to supply the first grade wholesaler, and the middle part of the part of the distributor in order to profit, then sell the price to the next level dealer, to the customer's hand parts, I do not know how many times, so the price is more than the factory price a few times, the virtual high parts are equivalent. So covert markup, long term high priced accessories will have a negative impact on the development of the industry.

(five) the standardization of after-sale service market is not high

The large-scale development of the Chinese forklift market has only appeared in the near future. The chain service of the after-sales service market has not yet been widely established. Most of the services are done mainly through the dealers. Most of the after sale market suppliers are small regional companies. These distributors have no standardized after-sales service, plus the after-sales service. The source of accessories can not be verified, so it is difficult to really standardize the after-sale service market.

(six) the original parts can not find customers, and consumers can't find the original parts.

In the case of extremely asymmetric information, the whole machine manufacturer is not lack of original parts, but these original parts through which way can better serve customers? On the other hand, often in QQ group or micro-letter, a customer takes a picture to find accessories, and sometimes for a small accessories, but also moving.

Analysis of the status of the accessories industry found that the forklift accessories become the industry "short board" has become an indisputable fact, in the Internet, large data age, can the scale, operation mode, technical support, information disclosure, development direction and other aspects to change this situation?

Four, supply and demand analysis of the parts market

(I) market demand

In terms of international market demand, the global sales of forklift trucks in 2014 exceeded 1 million for the first time, accounting for 1/3 of the world's Chinese market, and the demand for forklift accessories will continue to rise in the next 5 years.

(two) market capacity

China's forklift spare parts capacity from human resources, equipment load capacity, site resources to analyze the three factors, low-end market saturation, and lack of high-end products.

(three) the analysis of new production capacity in the spare parts industry

1, the whole machine manufacturer

The whole machine manufacturer generally owns all kinds of advanced production equipment for the main engine of forklift truck. The mainframe manufacturers make full use of the resources to produce accessories, or cooperate with the supporting parts enterprises to enter the accessories market. The former is likely to increase the cost of the development of the enterprise. The latter will be a trend in the future through the quality control of the quality of the cooperative plant and the direction of the development of the accessories according to the changes in the market demand.

2. Construction machinery manufacturers and accessories merchants

The industrial vehicle industry is not the same as other engineering machinery products. The field of its application can be said to be related to all walks of life. As long as the material is carried, industrial vehicles will be used. Such demand can be released as the economy grows, the demand has been released and the equipment is replaced by equipment. Industrial vehicle products can have a basic demand. In this trend, the sales of industrial vehicles have been growing in the engineering machinery industry in recent years, and many large engineering machinery manufacturers have entered the industrial vehicle industry. In the other 2010 years, the large construction machinery industry has been developing rapidly. In recent years, it has been affected by the economic situation at home and abroad, and the accessories merchants also face the unprecedented difficulties. Because of the market recession, the enterprises are gradually moving towards the asymmetry of production and marketing. Some enterprises and above are facing the difficulties of small profits or even no profit, in such cases. Large-scale construction machinery accessories manufacturers have the ability to develop and manufacture accessories for product changes and expand into the forklift truck accessories industry. Because the requirements of large engineering machinery in such parts as hydraulic parts are more stringent than forklift trucks, the R & D strength and manufacturing ability of the enterprises are stronger, they may drive the development of the forklift parts industry.

3, auto maker, accessories dealer

The domestic and international auto manufacturers are not in a small number of forklift trucks, especially when the domestic car brand is not too popular, and the forklift truck has a domestic rate of 60% in the first ten years, and the domestic rate has reached 86%. Like big construction machinery manufacturers, carmakers and accessories manufacturers have entered the forklift industry and become new capacity.

4. Other venture capital into the industry

Venture capital pays attention to the post forklift market and has successfully entered the industry. Since the birth of the venture capital, the venture capital has been promoting the development of high and new technology industry, helping the high-tech enterprises engaged in high and new technology development and new market, overcoming the capital obstacle of high and new technology industrialization and speeding up the achievements of high and new technology. The transformation can promote the development of new and high technology industries and accelerate the establishment of new and high technology industry clusters. Forklift accessories industry provides operational tools and value-added space for venture capital, and increases capacity under the support of venture capital capital.

(four) forecast of market supply and demand development

New production capacity intensifies the industry's competition, the future will be phased out of low-end products, high-end products will continue to be domestically made, but the need for a process, the process is still long.

Five, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the market development

(1) analysis of the advantages of market development

1. Advantages of raw materials

Although the price of raw materials has risen sharply, the price of raw materials in China still has a certain competitive advantage. At the end of 2015, the steel price index continued to fall, which was basically flat in December 2002. The overall production and sales channels of high enterprises will continue to lower the steel price as a whole. The competitive advantage of China's manufacturing industry is largely derived from the cost advantage of the raw material, and the perfect supplier network has laid the foundation for the strong competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. In the forklift accessories industry, the components of the internal combustion fork lift truck can basically assemble a fork lift truck by purchasing at home. For the electric forklift, the battery needs to be replaced in 3-5 years. The annual average annual growth of the Chinese lead-acid battery, which is expected to account for nearly half of the global output, is still around 10% in the next 5 years. This 150 year old lead-acid battery industry still occupies more than 85% market share in the domestic electric forklift power pool. The raw material procurement of lead-acid batteries also has an advantage in China. Compared with Ni MH and Li batteries, the lead-acid battery is better than the battery and the battery. The cost of the battery, the lead-acid battery is the lowest in the three kinds of batteries, and the most easy to be marketed. Take electric forklift power batteries for example, a lithium battery costs three times as much as a lead-acid battery with the same discharge efficiency, and the manufacturing cost is more than three times as much as a lead-acid battery. In addition, lead, as a recoverable metal, can supplement the shortage of raw materials, effectively reduce the problem of raw material prices due to raw material consumption. At present, lead recovery in lead-acid batteries is 98%.

2, the advantage of production

First, the labor cost of our country is low. Most parts industry belongs to labor intensive industry, the product field occupies the advantage, the competitive power is strong, and the quality of China's labor force is also high.

The two is China's potential consumer market, the market share of 2 million forklifts, effectively promoting forklift accessories to form economies of scale. Generally speaking, a country's products must first be sold at home, gained some experience, reached a certain production scale, and then to the international market. In 2009, China has become the world's largest forklift production and consumption country, such a large domestic consumer market for product development and development has created the basic conditions;

Three, the foundation is more perfect. In 1953, Shenyang electrical machinery factory succeeded in the first 2 ton battery moving vehicle in China according to the Soviet product imitation. In 1958, the first 5 tons of internal combustion forklift truck in China was born in the forklift factory in Dalian. The forklift industry has made the world's remarkable achievement after 60 years of development and reform and opening up. In 2014, the sales of forklift trucks in China were sold. To achieve the new commanding height, make forklift industry enter a broader and deeper stage.

The four is the concentration of production, most of which are distributed in East China, Southern China, central China and North China. For the whole machine manufacturers, the parts of the forklift trucks are distributed in a perfect supplier network, which is better for the production resources of the large manufacturing industry.

3, sales advantage

In 2014, the sales of forklift trucks in China accounted for more than 1/4 of the sales of forklift trucks in the world. This huge sales volume has formed a more perfect chain of forklift trucks, which has brought great advantages to the production and sales of forklift parts.

(two) analysis of market development inferiority

In terms of the quality of the employees and the industry's style, the Chinese industrial vehicle practitioners can be said to be uneven and have special guerrillas. They have no fixed places and a gun to change a place; there are individual business and business households, and have a facade of repair parts. The cultural level is not too high. Although there are also more standardized companies, they have realized that they have achieved customer trust with the specialization, brand, image and service ability, but the quality and cultural backwardness of other people are not very good, and the employees and the industry is directly affected. Research and development of products in quality, performance and safety.

Six, forklift accessories market price trend and influencing factors

China's forklift parts industry has been developing to a low profit due to the rising cost of raw materials and other materials.

(1) the transfer of the cost of the whole vehicle has led to a sharp decrease in the profit of the parts and components enterprises. In recent years, the whole vehicle enterprises have been transferring some cost to the supporting parts and components for the expansion of the scale, the price war of the whole vehicle, and the parts enterprises which have taken some measures to remedy it, but the unprecedented pressure to reduce the pressure is still the order. The related parts and components enterprises are not well protected.

(two) parts and components enterprises reduce prices and reduce profits themselves. In general, each part of the whole vehicle enterprise and the main engine plant has 1 to 4 accessories suppliers. In recent years, some spare parts enterprises have begun to compete with each other to compete with each other in order to expand their market share and compete with each other at the same time. It is reduced.

(three) the sharp rise in raw material prices has occupied the profit margins of parts enterprises. In recent years, the various raw materials used in the production of forklift trucks have risen sharply, which has aggravated the cost burden of a large increase in the whole vehicle industry and forklift, especially the double attack of the spare parts enterprises in the main plant and the price of raw materials.

(four) the international spare parts tycoons occupy the market share, especially in electric forklift electric control and other parts. With advanced technology, quality, brand and after-sales service, they have entered the supply chain of all the major vehicle and host factories in China. They seize the market share at all costs and gradually realize localization. As for the local parts enterprises, they compete with the international giants on the same platform. Because of the difficulties in technology management, they are faced with increasing pressure of survival and decreasing profits.

Seven, analysis of the development strategy of the forklift accessories market

(1) the analysis of market strategy

1, use market penetration strategy to increase the sales volume of old products in the original market. To improve the quality of products, strengthen advertising, and increase sales channels, to maintain the old users, to strive for new users, gradually expand the sales of products, and improve the market share of the original products.

2, using the market strategy to find new segments and enterprises to find new uses for the old products, to find and attract new consumers in the traditional market, and to expand the sales volume of the products. For example, in the Swedish sikilleburger lightweight material handling solution, the pallet is eliminated, and the small trolley which is conveniently placed in the loading box is added, with a forklift "dexterous hand", which can also find other uses, both for the convenience of the customer and to the market.

3. Using the market development strategy, in order to maintain market share, gain competitive advantage, and continuously expand product sales, we must improve product quality, improve products, stimulate and increase demand. Electric forklift trucks, which can enter the elevator floor with light weight, and moving trucks improved into vehicle movers, have improved the products and increased the demand.

4. Make use of the mixed market strategy. Enterprises continue to develop new products, and use new products to open up new markets. The overspeed alarm combined instrument is installed on forklift truck, which has both the function of forklift instrument and the function of overspeed alarm, and meets the safety requirements of customers.

(two) marketing strategy analysis

In the marketing strategy, we need to pay close attention to the current trends in the development of the e-commerce industry. With the help of mobile communication and social media, we should keep close contact with the users. This is a new trend in the future.

1. Network marketing

Small and medium-sized enterprises have no large enterprise resources, can not throw money in the traditional marketing way, so small enterprises should be more flexible, develop their strengths and avoid short, change their marketing strategies. Forklift accessories can be used online catalog sales (entity store experience) +B2C+O2O "integrated marketing model: 1) let customers see samples in the offline entity store, understand and contact product performance at zero distance, get their needs, 2) online orders, stores watch goods, delivery, 3) through the website or flat platform to understand the information and inventory of nearby stores, On the way to the exchange.

2. Chain marketing

Chain marketing strategy refers to the peer effect within a certain range of market formation, resulting in a fixed chain of industrial marketing model. In the forklift truck accessories industry, an enterprise in Guangdong has opened nearly 100 chain stores in the first and second-tier industrial cities of the country by means of replication.

(three) strategies to enhance the competitiveness of forklift accessories enterprises

In the era of knowledge economy, the competitiveness of enterprises is the source of competitive advantage in competition. Human resource management is the key to the competitiveness of enterprises. The essence of human resource management is to cultivate the competitiveness of enterprises. In particular, the talent shortage of forklift accessories enterprises can strengthen personnel training, promote technical innovation, create harmonious labor relations, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, strengthen the cohesion and competitiveness, and improve the competitive power of the forklift accessories enterprises by establishing a perfect human resource management system.

(four) strategic thinking on forklift accessories brand in China

At present, the forklift parts market is in the rapid development stage under the drive of the forklift truck. The market is full of large number of miscellaneous army. The domestic forklift accessories want to be in the dominant position in the fierce competition. It is necessary to realize the transition from the miscellaneous brand to the brand, and take the road of brand development to the forklift parts industry abroad. The tycoon declared war. Brand and service play an important role in the market competition. Products and prices are more easily imitated by their rivals. Only as the brand trust of emotional factors can maintain long-term competitiveness, can the forklift accessories enterprises improve market awareness and enhance the influence of the market.

Brand is a kind of strength of the show, the process of building a brand is the forklift accessories enterprises to enhance strength, growing process. Through the market mechanism to follow the economic law of the survival of the fittest and constantly improve its competitiveness, we can seek further development, occupy more market share, and make a benign state of competition. On the road of brand development, enterprises only take quality as life to achieve survival and sustainable development. In order to create a brand, carry out standardized management, guarantee quality, continue to innovate, constantly change ideas, at the same time, strengthen the consciousness of crisis, pay attention to the protection of intellectual property in the process of brand building to reduce unfair competition. Contend.

Eight. Analysis of market hot spots

(1) change the influence of the economic growth structure on the market

The transformation of economic growth from unsustainable to sustainability, from extensive to intensive, will gradually change the waste of personnel and raw materials caused by the repeated construction of the spare parts industry, and change from technology introduction to independent innovation, which will gradually change the phenomenon of the liberalism and the left and right trade in the accessories industry.

(two) the impact of low carbon cycle economy on market development

The requirement of internal combustion engine emission in China and the global market has aroused people's attention. Forklift truck with low carbon and energy saving is the trend of industry development in the future.

The proportion of the battery forklift truck is less than 30%, and it will gradually rise in the future. The increase of the sales volume of the electric forklift will lead to the research and development of the core technology of the domestic electric forklift, making the core technology of the electric forklift gradually domestically made.

Diesel forklift trucks have more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction. There are also a number of forklift trucks, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG mainly methane), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other environmentally friendly energy sources, which may also be welcomed by the market, such as natural gas single fuel and natural gas / diesel dual fuel, gasoline / methanol dual fuel, diesel / methanol double fuel forklift truck. The corresponding fuel forklift accessories business also pays more attention to green environmental protection.

Nine. Prediction of the market trend of forklift accessories

(1) foreign brand forklift enterprises set up factories in China to speed up the development of China's accessories market.

With the deep development of China's forklift industry, many foreign enterprises accelerate the pace of investment in China, which will certainly lead to the development of domestic forklift parts market.

(two) new energy forklift parts will become investment hot spots.

China has put new energy vehicles into strategic emerging industries, and the popularity of new energy forklift trucks is more advantageous than cars. In this situation, investment in the future domestic new energy forklift trucks and key spare parts will continue to increase.

(three) mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions will gradually accelerate.

The increasingly fierce price war in the whole vehicle market is also eating away at the profit margins of the parts industry. The requirements of reducing costs and guaranteeing profits for the whole vehicle factory are becoming more and more stringent. While the output value of forklift truck parts industry in China is large, but it does not play a scale effect, so the integration and reorganization of forklift truck parts industry is imperative. It is foreseeable that the forklift parts industry in China will enter the accelerated integration stage in the next few years. On the one hand, the scale effect can be achieved through the horizontal and vertical integration between domestic enterprises. On the other hand, through overseas mergers and acquisitions, the global optimization of production, market and other resources will be realized and advanced technology and management can be obtained through overseas mergers and acquisitions. Test. WeichaiPower (Luxembourg) HoldingS. R.L. (Weicai Luxemburg) has a total share of KIONGroupAG (kayao) having a total share of 33.3%, Weichai Power, Lin De hydraulic and American Eaton's further strategic cooperation, Weichai and BOSCH for many years, these direct or indirect As a result, the rapid development of the accessories market is promoted.

(four) cluster development will stimulate regional economic growth.

The sales of forklift trucks in East China, Southern China, central China and North China accounted for more than 80% of the domestic sales volume, and the parts industry formed the industrial cluster in the whole country. Industrial clustering makes the division of labor more precise, more specialized and easier to achieve scale, so that information is more centralized and faster, the pace of technological innovation is faster, logistics is easier to organize, and the economic benefit is obviously improved.

(five) the change of product development strategy, the coordinated development of the main plant and the supporting enterprises.

The product development strategy will change from single independent R & D to independent R & D, cooperative development, cooperative development and technology introduction. Through cooperation with other enterprises, it will develop and upgrade technology and products, and build a benign industry competitive environment.

Cooperative development: the supporting vendors develop products or host plants in the direction designated by the host plant and cooperate with the supporting enterprises to develop the necessary spare parts for the market, and seek development for their own enterprises by reducing the unnecessary time and energy waste in the development of the supporting enterprises.

Cooperative development: strengthen cooperation with other manufacturers and jointly develop products. There is a saying that there is no eternal competitor, the biggest competitor is also the biggest friend, working together with some excellent supporting enterprises in China to develop the market together, becoming a high quality supporting enterprise within the industry, developing to high quality, good service and high cost performance, and working with the international advanced enterprises to learn from them Advanced management concept.

(six) affected by the emerging logistics industry, such as e-commerce, cold chain, etc.

The emergence of new logistics industry will also affect the forklift industry.

China's online shopping scale promotes the demand of e-commerce logistics equipment. In the light of the e-commerce logistics, the future needs to provide efficient and intensive automated warehouse logistics solutions, advanced automation and intelligent logistics equipment. The truck intelligent integrated electronic control system can display the height of the fork lift and the weight of the goods through the display screen. Quantity, fault display and accident code and so on

Information for the management of the convoy, and accordingly, accessories industry needs to develop accessories suitable for e-commerce logistics equipment. The particularity of the e-commerce industry requires more rapid service in the supply of accessories, because the labor intensity is greater than other industries, the product quality requirements will be higher.

In cold chain logistics, the operating environment of cold storage is more stringent than the usual working conditions. The refrigerated forklift trucks should have the characteristics of antirust, corrosion prevention, waterproof and low temperature resistance, and their reliability and stability are higher. The selection of parts is different, for example, rubber parts need to choose low temperature material, control device needs excellent waterproof performance, liquid crystal display and electrical system need sealing and heating equipment, wheels generally use low hardness material, surface slotting, prevent skidding and have certain bearing capacity.

(seven) affected by Internet, Internet of things, vehicle networking and cloud computing technology.

With the rapid development of information technology, especially the maturity of Internet, Internet of Things, Vehicle Networking and Cloud Computing, the application of large data has been promoted. With the advent of the big data era, the forklift parts industry is not only a technological change, the first impact is a change in thinking, followed by changes in business models. Focusing on the opportunities in the era of big data, it will find the potential for each enterprise to find a set of value mining potential; change the supply channel from two dimensions of time and space through the change of business model. In the past, the supply decides demand, more and more from the demand, the forklift accessories enterprises will pay more attention. The demand of the market is redesigned according to the mode of demand. In the era of large data, the direction of service is also moving towards dynamic and personalized development.

Ten. Suggestions for the development of parts industry

At present, there is fierce competition in the low-end of the domestic supporting market, repeated investment, high-end supporting slow progress, can not achieve technological upgrading. At present, the parts enterprise should consider how to realize the technological upgrading of the enterprise, the strategic transformation, and then improve the profit ability of the supporting parts industry, speed up the technical upgrading of the host products, and achieve the international standards as soon as possible. For example, the supporting parts will have an unparalleled idea. Like space.

The supporting enterprises are developing in the following direction: to break through the bottleneck of high-end manufacturing technology, reduce the cost, improve the reliability of the products, and make high quality suites, while the ordinary products revolve around the low carbon and green environment to replace the high energy consumption products. Eliminate a large number of surplus low-end products, while strengthening the research and application of matching parts raw materials.

The parts enterprises change from the thinking and business model, pay attention to the training of talents, pay attention to the investment of R & D, adjust the structure, change the growth pattern, and pay attention to the big data, and provide flexible services for the industry. At the appropriate time, the integration of enterprises will achieve the effect of synergy.

(1) guarantee the quality of the forklift accessories

"Good price and low price" is the desire of all purchasers, such as through bar code, two-dimensional bar code and other parts of separation, the whole process of the realization of the fork lifts can be traced, the quality of the market is poor, the price of expensive products will not escape.

(two) establish a specialized chain brand for forklift accessories.

No matter what industry, such as 7-Eleven, OK, FamilyMart, and fast guest in the convenience store industry, such as the hotel and the 7 Days Inn, as long as there is a standardized and professional operation, these brands will become the mainstream of the market, and only brand chain can better standardize the service market.

(three) a platform with query, search function

Whether there are many kinds of accessories, standardization, serialization, low generalization, or lack of professional knowledge of accessories, such as a platform with a query and search function can easily and quickly find their own products or information, and the original factory, genuine products can also be published on the platform of their own Products, the real information sharing, such as the price of the product can be inquired, not only the needs of the accessories industry, but also the needs of all forklift practitioners and forklift users.

In short, the product quality is excellent, the price returns to normal, providing value-added services, large data, platform will become the future development trend of China's forklift parts market.

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Mobile: +86-13861699388

Website: www.samcy.com


Address: MengCun village, Hudai town, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Zip code: 214161




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