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Discussion on the possibility of sharing forklift

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Discussion on the possibility of sharing forklift

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In May 19th, it was learned that Uber was formally entered into the truck industry. With the sharing mode of Uber beginning to infiltrate to the logistics industry, this will become a hot spot in the logistics industry sharing the logistics mode, and the rapid development of shared logistics, the concern of venture capital and social capital, and the upsurge of sharing the logistics, is the possibility of sharing the forklift in this upsurge.

Share the economy and influence the future

Sharing economy means that the owners of "social resources" share the right to share the right to use with others, so as to optimize the allocation of social resources, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, and create more economic forms of value. The modern shared economy has achieved rapid development, and the industries involved are spreading from the fields of accommodation, transportation, education and living services to the fields of manufacturing, circulation and logistics, so as to meet the needs of people to the maximum extent.

The strong support of the Ministry of Commerce on shared Logistics

In the process of promoting the application of modern logistics technology, the Ministry of Commerce has carried out the work including: joint distribution, strengthening the construction of Commerce and logistics information, and the development of unit logistics.

In June 2012, the Department of circulation development of the Ministry of Commerce issued the "guidance on promoting the application of modern logistics technology and joint distribution", and selected 9 cities to carry out the pilot work of joint distribution. This is a shared logistics model of "sharing distribution resources", and the "13th Five-Year" planning notice in the development of trade and trade logistics in January 2017 Built 39 national trade logistics node cities, 64 regional business logistics node cities.

In the "13th Five-Year 'planning of trade and logistics development", the Ministry of commerce also proposes to strengthen the construction of Commerce and logistics information: promote the application of advanced technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing, large data, artificial intelligence, robot, radio frequency identification and so on, and promote the whole process of information sharing from upstream suppliers to downstream salesmen and increase supply. Chain lean management level; strengthen the construction of commercial logistics standardization: develop unit logistics, use standard tray (1200mm x 1000mm) cycle sharing as the breakthrough point, promote the package base modulus (600mm x 400mm) and assembly equipment, and improve the level of logistics standardization in the upper and lower reaches.

The support from the Ministry of Commerce has greatly accelerated the speed of sharing logistics.

As a material handling equipment in modern logistics, forklift has the possibility of sharing.

The core of modern logistics is the system, which can share a lot of logistics resources, including logistics information resources, logistics technology and equipment resources, storage facilities resources, terminal distribution resources, logistics human resources and so on.

With the sharing of logistics equipment resources, since 2015, with the Ministry of Commerce in the overall promotion of the supply chain upstream and downstream business logistics standardization development, pallet circulation sharing development is very fast, the standard tray cycle sharing, is the supply chain downstream through the sharing of standard pallet resources, the upstream and downstream Logistics system interconnection and intercommunication. Through the "belt transport" and "pallet sharing", the cargo transfer system between the logistics systems can not be pallet, avoiding the two loading and unloading. The standard pallet cycle sharing is actually the sharing mode of logistics equipment.

It is certain that the logistics equipment can be shared, as a modern logistics material handling equipment forklift, also has the possibility of sharing.

So what kind of conditions do we need to satisfy forklift sharing?

Forklift truck sharing is one of the prerequisites forklift manufacturers must realize information interconnection.


To achieve the sharing of forklift, we must realize information interconnection. It is one of the prerequisites for sharing forklift trucks to share the demand of forklift and material handling by sharing the sharing model of Uber in the logistics industry: sharing and matching the freight truck and the freight demand by sharing the truck resources.

Information is the basis of sharing the economy. Only the information of the social resource system can realize the interconnection and intercommunication, and the resource sharing between the demand person and the owner can be fully realized. Based on the development of the information technology such as Internet, large data, cloud computing and so on, the modern shared economy has realized rapid development.

In the environment of sharing the economy and the attention of the Ministry of Commerce to the modern logistics industry, the future will certainly lead to the rapid development of the logistics industry and the establishment of a modern logistics sharing system. On the basis of information interconnection and intercommunication, the sharing of forklift is also possible.

The two premise of forklift sharing is standard coordination

Standardization is the key to sharing forklift trucks. Without standardization, it is difficult to share resources. Even if the standard is not unified, the service, experience and price of the shared forklift market will not be unified, and more problems will be caused. At present, the standardization of trade logistics advocates the enterprise to carry out the unit logistics innovation, initiates the product packaging from the production enterprise, follows the mainstream modulus of the Chinese product packaging, and joint compliance with the unified standard and principle, and realizes the coordination of the packaging of goods and the dimensions of the logistics boxes, pallets, shelves, carriages, and distribution vehicles. To achieve shared logistics packaging, this will lay a foundation for forklift and other logistics equipment sharing. The development of this modular logistics model not only reduces the cost of logistics greatly, but also makes the traditional handling and handling tools change fundamentally, it is also a symbol of logistics modernization.

Advantages of forklift sharing

1. The use rate of idle forklift is improved. In a shared economy, the use of idle forklifts is improved by renting or borrowing a commodity and skill rather than by buying ownership.

2, reduce transaction costs and change business models. The Internet improves the efficiency of signal transmission and information screening, and improves the efficiency of matching demand and supply. At the same time, large data helps to improve credit records and enhance the market's own credit constraints, which greatly reduces information asymmetry and reduces transaction costs. When the cost of market transaction is reduced and the cost of the enterprise is constant, the traditional business model "worker - Enterprise - consumer" is gradually replaced by the sharing mode of "laborer - sharing platform - consumer".

3, improve work efficiency and reduce cost. By sharing forklift, the logistics resources can be optimized, so as to improve the efficiency of material handling and reduce the cost.

4, sharing forklift can meet the enterprise's sudden, seasonal and long-term needs, save the cost of manpower and material resources in the maintenance, maintenance and management of the enterprise, greatly reduce the pressure of enterprise capital operation, let the enterprise "light assets" come into array, and pay more attention to the development of the core business.

Difficulties in sharing forklift trucks

1, sharing forklift will bring about the reconfiguration of the forklift, and also bring about the conflict of the original management system, which is often difficult to coordinate and solve by the enterprise itself. These basic tasks need the government's great efforts to coordinate the relations among enterprises through policy support and government guidance.

2. The management of vehicles. Forklift is a special motor vehicle in the field (factory). It is also a special equipment. The shared forklift is encountered in various cases such as vehicle loss, damage and violation of the road. How to manage the shared forklift is a difficult problem. Refer to the new application of Uber Freight, similar to Uber's current taxi application, Uber Freight is also a location based application. The sharing forklift can get the position of forklift in time through the information technology of the team management and the tracking and positioning of the forklift. It can even get the information of maintenance and maintenance through the team management, and solve the difficulties in the management of the shared forklift.

3. The sharing of the forklift user experience is the use value of the equipment, and the requirements for the customization of the service, the response time, the flexibility and so on are higher, and how to satisfy the customer's more diversified and personalized service.

In a word, under the influence of shared economy and the strong support of the Ministry of Commerce on shared logistics, sharing forklift trucks can not only realize the sharing of forklift resources, optimize the allocation of resources, but also improve the efficiency of the forklift and improve the level of operation service. It is a model worth promoting. Today we are also talking about the possibility of sharing forklift trucks. Maybe forklift truck sharing will be an important force to change the pattern of the industrial vehicle industry in the future.

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