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The intelligent realization mode of forklift truck under the Internet + Era

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The intelligent realization mode of forklift truck under the Internet + Era

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   In recent years, the rapid development of industrial Internet and the rising of the concept of "industrial 4" have provided an information and intelligent environment for the leading character of the warehousing and logistics industry, the forklift. It has a new way and method to solve the problems of lagging information acquisition, low efficiency and high error rate caused by the increasing business volume of customers. Whether it is the operator's operational requirements, or the evolution of management concepts, affect the forklift in the equipment layer. From the forklift supplier's point of view, we are also committed to providing customized optional related equipment and systems to meet the customer's demand for forklift upgrades. Therefore, the intelligent application and thinking of forklift from different dimensions in different aspects has become an industry trend.

Electric forklift brand

The intelligent market demand and realization method of forklift truck

Intelligence is a hot topic in forklift industry at present. From the perspective of intelligent forklift, there are very different characteristics both at home and abroad. In foreign countries, the forklift has experienced fifty or sixty years of evolution, slowly from the station to the sitting drive, from complex driving to simple driving, until many devices have realized idiot operation or unmanned operation. In contrast, China's logistics equipment started relatively late, but thanks to the rapid development of the economy, the forklift is also constantly improving and upgrading, although it is still not up to the high level abroad on the whole, but its development speed is obviously higher than that of foreign countries.


In our view, at this stage of the application of forklift truck intelligent customer demand is mainly for process optimization, reduce labor, improve efficiency and other purposes. To this end, Yong Heng force provides a corresponding system solution for some of the common application scenarios, and helps enterprises realize the following intelligent applications of forklift trucks: 1 optimizing the vehicle routing through rational assignment of job instructions.

The warehouse often faces the assignment of order instruction to forklift. In the past, electric forklift trucks were branded to assign a series of tasks to a single operation unit at one time by means of paper lists or portable PDA / vehicle terminals. Because of the lack of real-time monitoring in the process of forklift truck operation, and there are many manual decisions, the ideal efficiency can not be achieved under unskilled circumstances. Therefore, the real-time and reasonable assignment of job instructions becomes the embodiment of intelligence in this link. The forklift management system (FMS), developed by the ISA Software Department of Yong Heng force group, calculates the order command line, pushes it to the forklift in the area according to the area of the instruction, and tracks the position of the forklift in real time, and sends the next finger to the forklift in accordance with the near principle after the instruction is completed. By this way, on the one hand, it can reduce the link of artificial judgment, make the operation simple, flow more quickly and smooth; on the other hand, through the support of the network environment in the warehouse, it can refresh and send instructions at high frequency, helping to improve the efficiency of the operator.

In addition, different systems can take into account the type and operation mode of forklift trucks. When the narrow forklift truck is selected and the fork is not changed in the roadway, the forklift management system (FMS) will try to continuously send the instructions on the side of the shelf to the forklift operation, thus reducing the time for the exit of the fork to change the direction of the fork; when there are several sorting tasks in the same roadway, the warehouse is at different height and span. The navigation system can select the shortest path for the forklift to complete all the instructions, reduce the operation time and improve the efficiency.


Collection and analysis of the information of the forklift truck

As a fixed asset of forklift, its maintenance is also an important expenditure. In this regard, the ISM Online vehicle management system of Yong Heng force can achieve a continuous and complete record of related information in the daily use of forklift. The manager can estimate the use time and frequency of the forklift and the cost of maintenance through this kind of information system, and reduce the maintenance cost from the long-term point of view. At the same time, the driver should take the responsibility system to make the individual responsible for the abnormal wear and tear of the equipment, so as to enhance the awareness of the protection equipment in the driving process.

The specific functions of the ISM Online vehicle management system are as follows:

With the support of the basic module, the system manages the users, gives the list of forklift trucks and contract information, lists the number of forklift trucks, the age of trucks and the costs incurred.

Safety module manages the driver's right to log in, records and notifies the vibration of the vehicle, and can check the vehicle configuration parameters.

The operation module analyzes and analyzes the cost of the forklift after sale service.

Productivity module shows the operation time of forklift peak and concurrent period. The 3 data analysis of the forklift truck used by enterprises to a certain number of cases, the use of forklift is not easy to control, the need to carry out scientific supervision of all vehicles. In this case, the team management system of Yong Heng force can provide the decision-making basis for the analysis and deployment of the management department through the collection and presentation of the real-time data of the forklift operation.

The team management system has the following functions:

In real time, it can reflect the information of the position of the forklift, the running state, the speed of the overspeed and so on, so that the manager controls the overall situation, and can feed the command or alarm information to the forklift driver.

Real-time scheduling of forklift trucks according to the degree of leisure, prompting managers to be able to gain knowledge and support forklift trucks from other areas to improve the utilization of forklift trucks.

• make the daily report and monthly report of the forklift operation time and itinerary. Managers can assess whether forklift trucks are fully used, balance the work and rest of the forklift workshop, and avoid excessive fatigue or idleness of forklift trucks.

Provide Department authority management, can see the Department forklift usage, calculate the forklift utilization rate of various departments. The position of the team is tracked in real time.

In addition, combined with the resource management module of Eternal Power Warehouse Management System, the workload of forklift truck can be presented in more detail. The system records the type and quantity of work in any time period of each forklift truck, and presents it with intuitive bar chart. At the same time, it can output data report forms. The manager performs the performance evaluation of the forklift driver by setting the "factor" of all kinds of operations.

The automatic guidance and operation of forklift trucks have improved rapidly in the automation of the factory today. Warehousing logistics is also advancing to "unmanned" operation mode, especially in some cold storage and warehouse with clean grade requirements, which also need unmanned equipment. For this demand, traditional forklift equipment and intelligent forklift equipment can achieve semi-automatic or automatic operation in different ways.

Semi-automatic operation

For the traditional forklift equipment, a specific guide system can be installed, and the path planning and installation identification device in the warehouse can work with the guidance system to enable the forklift to drive automatically in the planning path.

As early as 2008, Yong Heng force set up a new industry standard for the narrow channel warehouse operation by installing RFID warehouse navigation system on EKX513-515's new electric pick forklift / three phase stacker. With the help of the warehouse navigation system, the forklift can receive the picking instructions from the warehouse management system, and the operator can easily operate the forklift by confirming these instructions. When the operator controls the forklift to approach the passage for storing goods, the forklift comes to the place of operation semi automatically. The simple description is that the forklift is able to know its current position in the work lane, where to go, how to reach the designated position, and what to do after the arrival of the target, only the operator gives the trigger command, and the forklift can complete the operation automatically.


At the same time, all the stacking and sorting instructions are sent to the forklift terminal by the warehouse management system. The forklift terminal receives the coordinates of the target bit through the RS232 data interface. This enables the forklift to identify and semi automatically reach the target cargo location. The operator sees the direction of the forklift driving and lifting on the operation panel, only the lifting and driving functions are started, and the forklift will arrive at the destination automatically and accurately - at the same time, the best combination path scheme is promoted and advanced simultaneously. When picking operation, when the forklift reaches the designated position, the indicator light will illuminate the picking position; when the whole tray operation, automatic operation confirmation.

The advantages of the application of the warehouse navigation system are unquestionable. There is no need to search for the target location, and the forklift truck arrives accurately from the optimal route, significantly saving time and improving the efficiency of the work. Through prior planning, all the cargo location coordinates have been set and calibrated on the forklift controller, which greatly reduces the probability of wrong operation. Operators only need to give trigger commands, without manual control, improve the comfort of operation, but also reduce the operator's proficiency requirements.

Full automation

When more than one automatic forklift runs in the same warehouse, it is necessary to ensure that the logistics line is unblocked. As a result, the assignment of instructions for each automatic forklift must also be calculated. The transport management system developed by Danaher Motion, a well-known foreign laser guidance equipment supplier in cooperation with eternal force, can cooperate with the warehouse management system, receive instructions and distribute to the appropriate forklift industry, and can handle traffic jams and pause. Situation. For example, when two automatic forklifts approach, their safety mechanisms are triggered and the two cars stop running. Similarly, the system also determines which vehicle can pass through and trigger the vehicle according to the predetermined order of the path.


For those warehouses with many kinds of automation equipment running at the same time, the intellectualization of the whole is reflected in the high degree of automation and the close connection of each link. In this regard, perpetual force through OPC server or bus protocol and peripheral equipment PLC communication, to achieve the correct and orderly action of each automation equipment.

The automatic forklift is now widely used in the handling and storage from the production line to the warehouse, the storage area of the warehouse, the transportation of the loading / allocation area, and the connection between the automation equipment. Due to the diversity and simple installation of its guiding device, civil engineering is produced in the implementation process, which has certain requirements for the floor material and slope rate of the warehouse, but it is not harsh. In terms of safety, the collision of car body, goods and personnel or other mobile units can be avoided by the distance sensor installed on the body, the light screen protection device, and the sensor of the fork top.

With the concept of "Internet of things +" in logistics standardization, China's logistics industry will again usher in the peak of development, which is the "strong agent" to promote the intellectualization of the forklift. At the same time, the significant increase in labor costs has also brought catalytic effect, so more and more enterprises began to seek intelligent solutions for forklift trucks. It can be predicted that the demand for intelligent forklifts will explode in the 3~5 year.

But one thing that can not be ignored in this environment is that China's logistics standardization is very low, which has a significant negative impact on the development of intelligent forklift, which may be a side effect of the development of foreign countries at high speed. It is well known that intelligent devices have higher standards for standardization, for example, for a logistics center, it is difficult to identify a variety of different specifications if the cargo pallets from dozens of suppliers, if the size is different, can only be handled manually, and if all the pallets are used. It is the same standard that intelligent forklifts are easy to identify and operate. Because of this, we see that the domestic automobile, tobacco and other industries have a high level of logistics intelligence, and the third party logistics companies are usually less intelligent. Therefore, to enhance the logistics intelligence of the whole country, the formulation of logistics standards will play a decisive role.

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